5 FREE things to improve efficiency Working from Home

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Working from home comes with potential trade offs don’t let a lack of efficiency be one of them! Here are 5 FREE things you can start doing on your computer today to gain some efficiency when your status is WFH.

1. Use the Startup Folder

Start your morning out right with the Startup Folder. The Startup Folder can be used to open programs or files once your computer starts up. Use this path to navigate to your Startup Folder: C:\Users\”User”\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup Replace “User” with your computer’s username then copy and paste into the File Explorer. Move shortcuts to any programs or files in the Startup Folder that you want to open. You can even move website shortcuts to open automatically! Watch this 30 second video and start using the Startup Folder today working from home!

2. Pin your Frequently used Files and Folders

Pinning items will give you quicker access to them from your Toolbar. Just right click an icon on your Toolbar to view the Recent Items you have used. Navigate to the item you want to pin and click the pin icon on the right. The item will now display in the Pinned section and won’t leave this section until it is unpinned. Next time you need to open this item you can quickly and consistently access it from the Pinned section. This video will show you how to start pinning items today working from home!

3. Snap your Screens Side by Side

Stop having your screens all over and start snapping them in place! Not everything that you have opened requires your full attention. Organizing your screens can help you organize your mind. Especially if working from home you have limited screen space on your laptop. This video will show you how to use the top and sides of your computer screen to resize your windows in a snap!

4. Setup Outlook Quick Steps

Outlook gives you the ability to create memorized actions called Quick Steps. Leverage & Lean is doing a series of Outlook Quick Steps tutorials because there are so many actions you can create using Quick Steps. Here are a few examples of actions you can create using Outlook Quick Steps: Clear All from Email and Forward to Supervisor. Think of Quick Steps as a toolbox that you add tools to over time. Leverage & Lean is here to help fill your Outlook toolbox!

5. Create Outlook templates

Do you find yourself spending all this time creating the perfect email only to end up recreating it in the future? Stop reinventing the wheel over and over again! Outlook allows you create a drafted email and save it as an Outlook Template File (*.oft). Whenever you want to resend this email just open it, make your updates, and click send! Email templates help save time and allow you to send quicker responses. Start creating powerful responses that eliminate follow-up questions and reduce the size of your inbox. Watch this See How video to start creating Outlook Email Templates today!
Take savings and opening email templates to the next level and start using these two Leverage & Lean macros! Save Email as Outlook Email Template and Open Outlook Email Templates

***BONUS Setup another Monitor

The title of this article says “FREE” things working from home but there is too much efficiency to gain if you can setup dual monitors. According to The New York Times’s report of a Jon Peddie Research dual monitors have been proven to increase productivity by 20-30 percent. There are so many tasks that you can complete better with two monitors and you can do this with an HDMI cord really easy. Don’t have an HDMI cord ask a friend or neighbor to borrow one! Your customers deserve you at your best!

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