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The Problem: Two emails appear when creating an Outlook Quick Step when selecting New Email To. Select New E-mail To

I have noticed this multiple times when using the action New Message and after testing the behavior below is consistent.

The Problem:

Here is what I see happening. The First Time Setup screen gives you the option to quickly create a New Message by entering the Quick Step Name and Email Recipients. First Time Setup Finish

If you want to do see more settings you can select Options. There is a New Message checkbox but it doesn’t matter if it is left checked or unchecked the problem still occurs. First Time Setup Check Marked Options

***If the New Message checkbox is unchecked before selecting Options. First Time Setup Uncheck Marked Options

You have to reselect the New Message action defeating the purpose of selecting New Email To in the beginning.  Reselect New Message

From the Edit Quick Step popup, you can enter update the additional settings such as the Subject and Email Body. Edit Quick Step Save

Once done with this screen you can save your changes. The problem occurs when running this new Quick Step. Two emails appear one with the entered email recipients and another with the adjust settings in options. Two Emails

To fix this you need to edit the Quick Step removing one of these New Message actions. Edit Quick Step Remove New Message ***I recommend removing the New Message that includes the Email Recipients so you don’t have to reenter the Show Options settings.

Be sure to review the settings again to retain any updates made previously. Click Save and the problem will be resolved.

Why is does this BUG exist?

My best guess is that the VBA code generated from this Quick Step is creating another email from the First Time Setup popup and pulling in the recipients that were entered in the Edit Quick Step screen.

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