Department Email {Outlook Quick Steps Series}

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Outlook gives you the ability to create memorized actions called Quick Steps.  One helpful Quick Step you can create is a standard email to send to all recipients of your department.  Using this Quick Step, you can quickly email your entire department keeping everyone informed.  Start off creating this Department Email Quick Step by identifying who all needs to be added as a recipient.  You can also Cc, Bcc additional recipients to this email. There is an option to update the Subject of the email.  This helps you start off your email subjects in a standardized way such as [Attention Department].  If you want to mark this department email with a Flag or Importance adjust those settings. You can also populate text in the email body with “Hello Department,” giving you an opportunity to start out your Quick Step with a greeting. Leverage & Lean is doing a series of Outlook Quick Steps tutorials because there are so many actions you can create using Quick Steps.  Think of Quick Steps as a toolbox that you add tools to over time.  Leverage & Lean is here to help fill your Outlook toolbox! Checkout some of our latest Outlook Quick Steps Tutorials: Forward To Supervisor, Clear All from Email

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