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Excel Find Largest and Smallest Value | VBA Macro #36

This is an Excel macro that will find the Largest and Smallest values in a Workbook. Once this Excel macro finishes a Message Box will display the Active Workbook that was searched and the Max and Min values found. With some additional updates to the VBA code you can have this Excel macro fire every time an Excel Workbook opens! No longer do you need to sort or use conditional formatting to identify the Largest and Smallest values in Excel. There is a better way with VBA so start using the Excel Find Largest and Smallest Value today!

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Excel Custom Questionnaire to File | VBA Macro #34

This is an Excel macro that generates a custom questionnaire to complete.  The Role field is used to determine what questions display for specific users.  Once a user selects their Role, they can click Generate to see what questions they need to complete to finish the questionnaire.  After a user has completed all the required questions, they can click Finish to create a separate Excel Workbook with all the populated answers.   You can customize where this new file is saved making it easy to know when someone has completed a questionnaire and is awaiting review. There is also the option to send this separate Excel Workbook in an Outlook email with a couple updates to the VBA code. There is always a better way with VBA and this Excel macro helps standardize the collection of answers to specific questions. This can help lead to a more formal review process and eliminate mistakes.

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Excel Find and Replace across Multiple Word Documents | VBA Macro #30

Say a company rebranded and changed locations.  How would you handle updating all the necessary internal documents with the new company name, address, phone number, and email address? This can be a massive undertaking for any company which is why we created the Excel Find and Replace across Multiple Word Documents macro! This is an Excel macro that will Find and Replace values in Multiple Word Documents. This Excel macro is a great way to maintain Word Documents that are routinely changing information.

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Excel Update Multiple Workbooks from One | VBA Macro #26

This Excel macro is the inverse of Copy Multiple Workbooks into One where separate Workbooks are being combined into one MASTER Workbook.  The Update Multiple Workbooks from One macro instead takes the current information from the MASTER Workbook and updates separate Workbooks. If you desire one source of information that can be easily distributed across multiple parties this macro is for you!

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Excel Combine Macros #16 #18 #23 | VBA Macro #24

This macro is the combination of 3 Excel macros: Create Worksheet per Filter Value | VBA Macro #16, Save Worksheets as Workbooks | VBA Macro #18, and Create Emails with Workbooks Attached | VBA Macro #23. These macros used together automates an entire process! The time saved using this macro allows you to focus on how you can bring more value to your customers. Take a look at the Value Stream Map we discussed in the Macro Monday video.

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Excel Create Emails with Workbooks Attached | VBA Macro #23

If you work will multiple clients you might be assigned with separating data in Excel and sending this information from Outlook.  To complete this task in Excel you could filter the data and move client specific information into separate Workbooks.  Then in Outlook create new emails, enter the appropriate recipients, add an email subject and type out a message in the email body.  Finally ensure you attach the correct Workbook to the appropriate email.  This process takes a lot of time and leaves a lot of room for error.  Avoid the potential to make a mistake and use VBA!  VBA gives you a way to automatically create Outlook emails out of Excel and add Workbooks as attachments.

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Excel Save Copy of Workbook | VBA Macro #20

If you are consistently creating a copy of an Excel Workbook you are spending time completing tedious repetitive tasks. Navigating to the Workbook, saving a copy, renaming the new Workbook, and potential creating a new Folder for storage. The good news is there is a better way using VBA! This Excel Macro saves a copy of the Active Workbook. This macro saves you time by completing all the busy work. It is difficult to remain consistent with how you are storing new copies. This Excel macro standardizes storage by creating new folders making it easy to navigate through historical records.

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Excel Save Worksheets as Workbooks | VBA Macro #18

You have your data in Worksheets but you need separate Workbooks. The tedious way is to open a bunch of blank Workbooks. Then copy and paste information from each Worksheet and save each Workbook onto your computer. Good news is there is a better way with VBA! Save Worksheets as Workbooks is an Excel macro that will take existing worksheets and save them as their own workbook. This macro is a great way separate your data making it easier to send Workbooks as attachments to specific recipients.

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