What is Lean?

Lean is a methodology used to reduce waste in processes.  Waste is identified as anything that doesn’t provide value to the consumer of a product or service.

At Leverage & Lean we want to bring Lean to computer processes. Traditionally Lean is applied to physical processes involving the movement of people and things.  Computer processes involve the movement of information and those that move information the best WIN!

What are the first steps to applying Lean principles to your computer?

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Why not on Computers?

Lean on Computers

Lean on Computers looks different…

In other industries we are moving people or widgets but, on a computer, we are moving information.

Our mentality when working on a computer exposes some potential issues that need to be addressed before Lean can be applied.

At Leverage & Lean we use 3 pillars to encompass what is holding us back when working on our computers. We decided to call these pillars because they will help support you on your Lean journey.
Short Term Thinking

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