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Three Pillars


The first pillar is Knowledge.

We simply don’t know enough about computers and don’t spend enough time learning. Workers on the floor of a factory learn just by watching each other work a process. That isn’t possible for us working on a computer. We are smart if see a better way will do it. The more we know the better our processes will be!

Try to recall a time when you saw someone do something on a computer that you hadn’t seen done before. It was an improvement from what you were currently doing. Most likely you said something like “OOO I wish I would have known that!” and then quietly regret how much time you wasted in the past.

This event although revealing conflicting emotions needs to happen as often and frequently as possible!


The second pillar is Standardization.

This is the most important part of improvement when it comes to working on a computer.  A computer exposes how inconsistent we are and with Lean that is a problem.

A process is only visible to the user of the computer. To be on the same page you have to bring everyone together to standardize a process and then keep each individual accountable. This will be time consuming but can create some of those OOO learning moments I mentioned before.

Short Term Thinking

The third and final pillar is Short Term Thinking.

When completing a task on a computer it is easy to fall into the mindset to sacrifice tomorrow for today.  We just want to get something done as quickly as possible. This leaves us with nothing to improve upon for tomorrow.

It is easy to create waste on a computer which gives the impression that no one is impacted by it. But the customer is impacted by non-value actions in a process and will continue to be unless you eliminate it!

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