Using 5s on your computer.

When it comes to applying 5s on a computer our guide is simply.

Automate what you can and Standardize what you can’t!

Automate because computers are much more consistent then we are. Relying too heavily on our own abilities to remain organized is foolish. We may be able to maintain a strong level of organization for a short period of time but no one has the will power to do this for the long term.

When we get busy and stressed, we cut corners and for good reasons. We prioritize other’s needs over keeping organized and clutter free in our own world.

Computers are better at maintain the organization for us because they are not emotional like us. Computers just process the task without factoring in the pressure to work faster and perform.

Automation is not always possible so the next best thing is to standardize how we store files, name folders, and process emails. The process to standardize is laborsome but the results is the ability to be dangerously consistent.

Being organized allows us to go fast when working on our computers.

5s Methodology

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