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"We prefer learning that is visual, short, and to the point."
"When it comes to working on a computer the ones that move information the best WIN."
"There are endless opportunities to make mistakes working on your computer."
"Leverage readily available content and programming that enable users to apply Lean principles on their computers."
"Macro Monday was created out of a desire to be consistent and accountable with macro creation."
"We want to create Lean champions that Leverage our content everyday and spread the word to their colleagues and supervisors."

What is Lean?

Lean is a methodology used to reduce waste in processes.  Waste is identified as anything that doesn’t provide value to the consumer of a product or service.

At Leverage & Lean we want to bring Lean to computer processes. Traditionally Lean is applied to physical processes involving the movement of people and things.  Computer processes involve the movement of information and those that move information the best WIN!

What are the first steps to applying Lean principles to your computer?

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Processes are supposed to help organizations but they can quickly get out of control. When used correctly, processes should standardize and simplify the necessary tasks...that every single employee follows every single time, that’s just common sense.

The Importance of measurement

Traditionally partnered with Lean are data focused methodologies such as Six Sigma.  The primary goal of Six Sigma is to essentially eliminate all defects in a process.  This is achieved through rigorous standardization of processes and procedures.

At Leverage & Lean we know that measurement is critical to success.  This is why we created the Macro Count macro so you can keep track of your time savings with a click of a button.

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Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it...you can’t control it...you can’t improve it.

Macro Mondays

When I started Leverage & Lean I realized I had a great opportunity to document my progress along the way. About one year into my journey I started time tracking my efforts so I could better understand where my time was being spend. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see our latest Macro Monday video! 

Want to learn more about my journey? Email me at BrentSchneider@leveragelean.com

Macro Monday was created out of a desire to be consistent and accountable with macro creation.

My Story

“I searched online for answers. My curiosity would consume me for the years to come.”
Third year out of college I was quickly learning how much I did NOT know about computers. My resume still boasted that I was proficient in Microsoft Office. (I presume like other college kids). I have learned over the years this was my biggest lie. My proficiency ended at being able to open Microsoft Excel and plugging in a ‘SUM’ formula. So what changed? At my second job I was faced with challenges that forced me to change how I work. Challenges like, “How does someone send hundreds of emails efficiently?” or “How can I create hundreds of folders without breaking my right click button?” If these questions have you thinking they left me staring at my computer blankly for answers. I knew that college had prepared me for this moment so like any well educated graduate I searched Google for answers.

I started to find answers in various forms online.  Quickly I developed a preference for how I want to learn. I prefer learning that is visual, short, and to the point. Also additional content for those that seek it.

Leverage & Lean has pushed me to create a solution for others in this area. I will expand my knowledge and present solutions of how to improve everyday.  I will work to prefect this content so you can be savvy on a computer without becoming a full blown programmer.

As I start this venture I pray that my videos are straightforward to those that want answers. I pray that the macros I build improve how you work and spark conversations with your coworkers. I pray that when you ask questions I can answer them with a clear solution. And maybe just maybe someone can develop a sense of curiosity like what drove me to start Leverage & Lean.
Thank you for your time and support.

Stay Awesome,
Brent Schneider
Leverage & Lean
“Less Click, More Results”
Without the sacrifice and support of my wife none of this would be possible.

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