Splitting a Rock in Half

Just because nothing has changed doesn’t mean progress isn’t being made.
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The mentality it takes to split a rock in half is what it takes to succeed.

You have a choice to make.

You can walk away. Which is easy when you feel that an attempt to do this is silly.

A waste of time. Pointless. Impossible.

If you walk away you need to accept the fact that nothing will happen.

No success will be achieved.

If instead you decide to act make sure that you have the faith to finish what you started.

Remember this isn’t about a rock. This is about the persistence you need to make your dream a reality.

As you chip away at the rock remember that just because nothing has changed doesn’t mean progress isn’t being made.

You are focusing all your time and energy into this dream. Unlike watching paint dry. Action is necessary. You are in control.

As long as you remain patient and persistent the rock has no choice but to split in the end.

The journey is long and unclear.

You will lose hope questioning every decision along the way.

Your faith will waver.

The difficulty isn’t in trying. The difficulty is continuing on when progress is absent. When your effort is giving no sign that you are anywhere close to success.

When doubt creeps in. When you are ready to give up.

When each repeated action has you questioning your sanity.

A crack appears.

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