Building Skyscrapers

You have to dig down if you ever want to build up.
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You can have a building in the city or you can have one of the tallest buildings.

You have to decide but one thing is certain.

To get to the top you have to start at the bottom.

Hitting bed rock is a good place to begin.

A tall building needs a strong foundation. Anchoring a skyscraper to bedrock is necessary to ensure the integrity of the building can withstand the elements.

If you want to reach new heights, you must first dig deep.

What people will see is a beautiful skyscraper while the foundation that made everything possible is hidden from sight. It may not get the credit it deserves but it is a part of the journey to building a skyscraper.  It isn’t glamorous but it is necessary.

To build something to marvel there has to be cost…a sacrifice.

Developing a process can feel like building a skyscraper.  You have to take the time to dig into a process and truly understand how to build it to perform consistently.

A process that has gone through rigorous standardization can work through surprises and unexpected challenges.  Just like skyscrapers attached to bedrock.

This really is short term vs long term thinking.

Control your excitement for building the tallest building in the city and channel your energy towards the foundation which will be biggest indicator of your success.

You have to dig down if you ever want to build up.

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