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Outlook Greeting and Goodbye Contacts | VBA Macro #35

The Greeting and Goodbye Contact macro automates the entry of a Greeting “Good Morning” or “Hello” followed by the First Name of the recipient you are emailing. To identify the First Name this macro uses the recipient’s email address to loop through all the existing contact records for a matching email address. If a match is found the contact’s First Name field value is used in the beginning of the email. The appropriate Greeting and Goodbye is determined by the current time and the day of the week. The Greeting and Goodbye Contacts macro helps you deliver better customer service and create better connections with your clients!

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Outlook Hello Contacts | VBA Macro #33

Starting an email with a Hello can look more personable with some VBA code! The Hello Contacts Outlook macro automates the entry of the text Hello followed by the First Name of the recipient you are emailing. This Outlook macro uses the recipient’s email address to loop through all the existing contact records for a matching email address. If a match is found the contact’s First Name field value is used in the beginning of the email. This macro can be fired from a custom button or trigger automatically when replying to an email.

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Outlook Reply with Email Template | VBA Macro #32

If you find yourself emailing the same response over and over you could create an Outlook Email Template. Email templates are a great way to save that perfectly drafted email and recall it again at a later date. One shortcoming in Outlook is that there isn’t an easy way to reply to an email directly with an email template. This is why we created the macro Reply with Email Template. This is an Outlook macro that will allow you to reply to an email with all the contents of a specific email template. You can run this macro for the current email selected in your inbox or from an open email. By Default, this macro will reply to all recipients. You can update the VBA code to only reply to the sender instead. Once running this Outlook macro will access your default email template file path and display an InputBox with all the available email templates to select from. Simply type the leading number of the email template you want to reply with and click Ok. This macro will finish by pulling in the selected email template’s contents to the active Outlook email body. If the template you selected has attachments these will also be attached to the email.

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Outlook Send Same Email to Different Recipients | VBA Macro #31

To BCC or to not BCC?  That is the question that comes to mind when emailing a variety of different recipients.  This is especially important if you are working with multiple clients.  You can BCC recipients so they can’t click reply all. Recipients won’t see who was emailed but that is actually the problem.  The value is knowing who was emailed so customers know if additional follow-up is needed.  Instead you can CC recipients but once someone hits Reply All the conversation can get out of control.  This can create a bigger problem if the email thread is across multiple parties. Sending separate emails creates more value for the customer but how do you do this efficiently and effectively? You could create new emails do a lot of copying and pasting but this isn’t a sustainable process. Good news is there is always a better way with VBA! Our new Outlook macro makes sending the same email to different recipients so easy!

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Outlook Looping In | VBA Macro #28

You receive an email with a question and notice that this isn’t something that you should be answering. Either you don’t know the answer or maybe you don’t have the authority to respond. The good news is you know who should be looped into this email. So, you respond CCing the correct person and move on. If this situation happens enough you start to realize how much time you are wasting just to pull the appropriate recipients into an email. If you want to be more efficient start using our Looping In Outlook macro today!

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Outlook Create Multiple Emails | VBA Macro #25

You just completed a task on your computer and now you need to email some impacted parties letting them know the task is complete.  Let’s say for example you have to email the client, the billing department, and your supervisor.  You could send one email including all these recipients but this is a problem if you are sending sensitive information specific to everyone involved.  Even if there isn’t sensitive information someone can use Reply All creating an email thread with everyone included. There has to be a better way…of course there is with VBA! This Outlook macro will create multiple emails based on the number that you indicate in an InputBox.  Think of this Create Multiple Emails macro as a code template that allows you generate multiple emails pertaining to different topics. Using the example above the first email can be dedicated to the client, the second email for the billing department, and the third email for your supervisor.

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