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VBA Macro used in the Microsoft Office Excel Application

Copy Paste

This is an Excel macro that copies the contents of a worksheet one cell at a time allowing you to paste each value to a new destination. Once all the values in each column have been copied this macro continues onto the next row to do the same. This is extremely helpful for manual data entry as you can simply tab back to have the Copy Paste macro and move onto the next cell to copy. The Copy Paste macro helps you mistake proof your data entries avoiding any potential typos or populating the incorrect records.

VBA Macro used in the Microsoft Office Outlook Application

Move Old Emails

This Outlook macro makes cleaning out your inbox as easy as one click. The Move Old Emails macro will automatically move emails out of your inbox and into a different folder. No longer will you have to manually move old emails out of your inbox and make mistakes dragging emails to different folders. Spend more time in your inbox and get more done!

VBA Macro used in the Microsoft Office Word Application

Word Calendar Reminder Macros

This is an Outlook macro designed to trigger Word actions from your Outlook Calendar. This macro will review appointments with the “Word” category and based on the subject field determine what action to complete.


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Customize New Excel Workbooks

When creating a new Excel workbook you will notice that you start with 1 or 3 already created sheets. You have the option to adjust how many sheets are created from a new Excel workbook. There are also additional options to change the default Font type and size. If you are currently creating additional sheets and adjusting the Font for every Excel workbook you create a couple setting adjustments here will help you save some time.

Set Default Outlook Signature

This tutorial will show you how to Set a Default Signature in Outlook. Setting up a Default Outlook signature is a standard setting in Outlook but there is more to this feature then you may realize. If you work with multiple Outlook accounts a Default Signature can be set for each Outlook account. You can also prevent your Default Signature from appearing on email reply and forwards.

Create Outlook Smartphrase

If you find yourself typing the same thing over and over again take a moment to create a Smartphrase in Outlook! Smartphrases can be phrases or entire sentences you decide. Once created Outlook will watch what you are typing and predict when you are using a Smartphrase.


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