Outlook AutoSave Attachments | VBA Macro #22

Macro Intro

Do you frequently receive email attachments that need to be saved to your computer? Wouldn’t it be nice if these attachments were automatically saved without having to interact with them? Cool thing is there are multiple ways to do this with VBA! This Outlook macro gives you a variety of options to automatically save email attachments. It can find attachments in the emails you select or by looping through your entire inbox. You can even set up this macro to check for attachments when emails are received. If any attachments are found they will be saved to the Folder Path you identify. By Default, the email attachments will be saved to a new Attachments folder on your desktop. If the Attachments folder doesn’t exist one will be created. This Outlook macro will save all email attachments it finds but you can limit this by customizing the VBA code to look for a specific Sender, a set Category, certain words in the Subject, or by File Type Extension. If you don’t want VBA to be checking every email that comes to your inbox you can run this macro on command saving attachments from selected email or searching your inbox. To take things to the next level leverage the Call Action from the Outlook Calendar Reminder Macros to automatically run this macro reoccurring from your Outlook calendar.

See it in Action

Watch this video to see this macro in action.


Here is the code for this macro. Make sure the following References are setup before running it: Visual Basic For Applications, Microsoft Outlook 16.0 Object Library, Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library

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