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Comment on Macros

As an Insider your voice will be heard! Insiders are given the rights to comment on any Leverage & Lean macro. Comments allow you to request improvements to macros to meet your unique needs. In addition others Insiders will see your comments and have the opportunity to give a thumbs up or weigh in with their thoughts. Comments will help start the conversation around how macros can be improved and how we can help each other achieve Less Clicks, More Results!

Insider Content

As an Insider you will gain access to hidden content! This can include additional code that will help you better manage implementing Leverage & Lean macros! Our Insider Content is designed to keep you away from updating code and focus on acheiving Less Click, More Results!

Count Macro Usage

Macros are a great time saver because they can automate repetitive tasks at work. The Macro Count macro was developed to better understand the potential time savings gained from running macros. As an Insider you will gain the ability to count your macro usage and analyze how much timing savings is gained. At Leverage & Lean we know how critical measurement is to your success!
Learn more about the Macro Count macro here!

Request Custom Macros

Can’t find what you are looking for in the Leverage & Lean macro library? As an Insider you can request a completely custom macro to meet your specific needs. Subscribe today and lets build something powerful together! Request a custom macro now!

Insider Priority

At Leverage & Lean Insiders come first. If you reach out to us subscribed as an Insider you can expect an increased priority to answer your questions and provide you what you need!

Guidance & Support

Leverage & Lean exists to take pain out of computer processes. Tell us your struggles. We will help anyway we can!

Influence Content

Insiders are the most important part of Leverage & Lean. Your feedback will impact the direction of future content.

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