Save the Game at Work

When you can save on the last level you get good at beating the game.
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Playing a retro video game can bring up good memories and the frustrating phrase that flashes in your face.


The mindset was different back then.

If you weren’t good enough to finish a game in one attempt then you deserved to start over.

The idea of saving your progress in a video game was a lost concept for decades. It wasn’t until Zelda in 1986 that saving was an option.

As video games became more robust and time-consuming saving game play became a main stay.  

In most games today there are checkpoints and autosave. You can even decide your level of difficulty.  

Unfortunately, a difficulty setting isn’t available at work but there is an opportunity to save your progress.  

Programming on your computer is just like saving in a video game.  

When you level up at work and gain experience points programming lets your computer know everything that you have learned.

No longer are you repeating actions over and over again. Your progress towards winning the game isn’t lost.

When you can save on the last level you get good at beating the game.

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