Word Auto Print | VBA Macro #10

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This Word macro allows you to print a Word Document with one click.  The Word Auto Print macro is designed to be called off your Outlook Calendar using the Word Calendar Reminder Macros.  Leveraging your Outlook Calendar you can schedule Word Documents to automatically print reoccurring monthly, weekly, whenever you need!  Printing is only delayed by a Message Box ensuring that you are available to pickup the printout.  (This Message Box can be suppressed so you do not have to confirm your availability before the document is printed)  Don’t let printing a meeting agenda delay valuable collaboration time instead schedule for it to happen automatically on your Outlook Calendar!

See it in Action!

Watch this video to see this macro in action.

The Code

Here is the code behind this macro.
'Leverage & Lean "Less Clicks, More Results"
Sub WordAutoPrint()

On Error GoTo LeverageLean

MsgBox ("Pick up the document " & ActiveDocument.Name & " at the Printer.") 'Delay Printing until OK
ActiveDocument.PrintOut 'Print the Active Word Document
'ActiveDocument.Close 'Close the Active Word Document after printing

Exit Sub

LeverageLean: MsgBox ("Error #" & Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description & " in Word Auto Print macro.  Don't hesitate to email me at: brentschneider@leveragelean.com")
End Sub
'Stay Awesome

Macro Instructions

Watch this video to get started using this macro.


These lines of code can be customized to personalize this macro.
6 MsgBox (“Pick up the document ” & ActiveDocument.Name & ” at the Printer.”) ‘Delay Printing until OK
8 ‘ActiveDocument.Close ‘Close the Active Word Document after printing

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