Look Ahead

Why worry about spilling coffee when you could walk off a cliff.
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Have you ever had to walk a good distance with a full cup of coffee?

If you stare at the cup while you walk you will see the coffee move all over and become overwhelmed with fear that you might spill.

A neat trick is to look out in front while you walk and don’t look at the cup.

It seems awkward at first but once you realize this helps you balance the cup you will do this trick all the time.

This analogy is a trip into how our minds work.  We worry so much about today that we forget to look up at tomorrow.

Why worry about spilling coffee when you could walk off a cliff.

It’s puts things in perspective.  Focusing on the short term is necessary but don’t lose sight of where you are headed in the long run.

Only then can we balance our thoughts on today and tomorrow.

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