Forest Fire

We don’t prevent Forest Fires by cutting down all the trees.
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It is an unfortunate truth of nature that Forest Fires happen. Some Forest Fires are preventable and we should do everything to stop human caused fires.

You should also prevent fires created at work.

Mistake proofing is not about working in fear of making a mistake. It is about have a deep level understanding of how the decisions you make can have a good or bad impact on the results.

When you mistake proof a process you fight day by day to eliminate the bad decisions that lead to bad outcomes.

Take one step today towards mistake proofing.

But remember to slow down and do NOT overreact.

We don’t prevent Forest Fires by cutting down all the trees. An overreaction like this is more a display of giving up then solving the actual problem.

Don’t take a chainsaw to the forest or a flamethrower to your process.

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