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Brent Schneider

Excel Create Folder per File Type | VBA Macro #64

At home you open a messy closet and think to yourself how am I supposed to find anything in here! Similar situation you open a Folder on your computer and see different Files scattered all over. While we can’t automate the application of 5s for your closet we have plenty of opportunities to do so on your computer! This macro will navigate to the Folder path that you indicate in the VBA code looping through all files that are not within a Folder. For each unique File Type found a NEW Folder will be created moving any files of that type into that Folder.

Lean on Computers

Leveraging a computer’s capabilities allows you be more efficient, but Lean ensures that you are being effective.

Lean provides a clear direction and purpose: “Serve the customer by providing value”

Not Automate everything. Just simply deliver the most value to the customer period.

That is why Lean is so powerful! It applies to everything that we do and helps us not jump to the incorrect conclusion that we must automate all processes to be successful.
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